Sunday, 11 January 2009

All new raison d'etre

Well I wanted to do a blog of the mundane, following on from the ones I did for my travels which you can find in my profile, and I posted an entry earlier about the post Christmas hangover. Now I was wondering what to blog about in general, then I was inspired this week gone by the site Sugarvine (I'll not even grace it with a proper URL, look it up, but really it has little value). On the Christmas do I had with work we had the most appalling dining experience at a new restaurant in Wakefield called Mumbai which I'll cover shortly. Being a bit pissed off with this I decided to write a scathing review on Sugarvine, though at the time the restaurant wasn't listed. Sugarvine is a UK website listing restaurants and allowing you to post opinions on them, so I though it would be fair to share my experience with the rest of the world.

Lo and behold, this week just gone I noticed the restauarant had appeared on the afforementioned site so I wrote a pithy review, which wasn't an absolute slagging off, as I did note the good points (like decent starters and surroundings), but the service was so bad my comments were concentrated on this. However, only after submitting this did I realise that they only publish good reviews, or recommendations of the place, and forward negative reviews to the restaurant, so I can expect some contact from this Indian, no doubt toadying and offering me something in recompense. It won't work. Worst of all though is that the two glowing reviews already posted for Mumbai are so clearly written by the restaurant themselves that it looks like the value of Sugarvine as a place to learn about where is good to eat is non-existent. Further more, that if they are expecting people using the restaurant to only post good comments, they are doing nothnig ore than advertising the eateries and expecting the pblic to do their job for them.

So. from now on, I will be chronicalling my experience in restaurants whenever I visit them and giving fair, though hopefully amusing, reviews. To come will be a double review contrasting two similarly styled places I have eaten in the last few weeks, the Mumbai and another modern Indian restaurant called Bollywood Lounge

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